Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Time for a nice change of pace. On this blog I've previously put up short stories and flash fictions, which are great, but I felt it was time for a bit of poetry. This poem was written by my very clever friend Shaun, and it's a nice little piece. What I particularly like about it is how he's only used one vowel, as I'm sure you'll see, but it flows well, is readable, and ends on an interesting and ambiguous note. It does take skill to manage that - having attempted it myself once, it's a damn sight tougher than it looks. 

Long lost or long loss?
On top of or looking down?

Show no mood
Hold no flow
Do not root
Sold for loss.

Cold moon blows onto morn
Fold slowly onto floor
Don't knock. No door.
Only looking for...

(A poem using only one vowel, Wolverhampton, Autumn 2008)

Shaun Hand, 2008